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Tracheostomy UK Support (TrUKs) is a support group for parents/families of children with a tracheostomy including children who are ventilated. We also welcome young people who have a tracheostomy. The support we gain from each other is invaluable and one of the strengths is that it is only for parents/relatives and other primary carers.

If you would like to join please use the contact page to a short message to the group admin describing your relationship to the person with a tracheostomy. Please check the 'other' folder in your facebook messages as messages from the group admin may go into this folder instead of your main facebook messages.

The group admins are Steph Ward ,Paul Watson, Emma Gillies, Toni Bewley, Julie Worthington and Annette Patmore 

This group is NOT for NHS staff or other professionals and we would ask that health care and other professionals respect our wishes and do not try to join.

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